HEX Founder Richard Heart on "Why HEX is the Better Bitcoin"

HEXcrypto (Official HEX Twitter)

RichardHeartWin (Richard Heart's Twitter)

/r/HEXcrypto (Official HEX Subreddit)

/r/Hexmemes (HEX Memes Subreddit)

HEXcrypto FB (Official HEX Facebook)

HEXcrypto IG (Official HEX Instagram)

WhaleHEX (WhaleHEX Twitter Monitoring HEX Whales)

Richard Heart's YouTube Channel: The Man himself - always informative.

Discourse Syndicate YouTube Channel: Great discussions!

Kryptosparbuch (German) YouTube Channel: Always good (english version available)

HEXTherapy: Why HEX is good for your mental health and other important stuff

Crypto Coffee's YouTube Channel: HEX OG and bright mind

Whales Only Youtube Channel: Professional Market Analysis

Hodl Dog's Youtube Channel: Concise information and on the point

Gerardo's Youtube Channel: Interesting chart analysis

BallietBran's YouTube Channel: Fun to watch

Big Pep's Youtube Channel: Good HEX Shares Analysis

Motley Investor's Youtube Channel: Good Analysis

Look Into Crypto's Youtube Channel: Good Analysis

Developer Kyle Bahr's YouTube Channel (Author of the HEX Layman's Guide)

Good Chain Analysis

Nomics.com: Transparent Crypto Data

Hodl Dog explains how you can make your Metamask wallet safer (7:50)

Site to close unwanted open Metamask connections

Another site to close risky and unwanted open Metamask connections

You Want 2000 Transactions per Second?

Get a Metamask Wallet

HEX Contract in Layman's Terms by Kyle Bahr

HEX Staking Deep Dive by Kyle Bahr

HEX Economics Audit by Coin Fabrik.com

HEX Security Audit by CoinFabrik.com

How to get HEX: HEXGuides.WIN

Bitcoin.com: Great article about HEX

Trezor.io: Protect your HEX with Trezor Hardware Wallet

Ledger.com: Alternative Hardware Wallet to Trezor

Bitstamp.net: Get ETH to buy HEX

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