HEX Rewind 2020

Mike Maloney explains why we all need an alternative to the existing monetary system. That alternative is Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

German Interview between Kryptosparbuchshow and 10alexa10 (Hexgraphs.com) from Nov 11, 2020

Data Dash interviewing HEX Founder Richard Heart

Bitcoin Foundation Member Conrad Zen interviewing HEX Founder Richard Heart

HEX in a Nutshell

Hexican Anthem by Freddie Quotes

Link to How to get HEX and earn HEX by refering HEX: HEXGuides.win

HEX Exchange (Uniswap Eth to HEX Frontend)

Nov 26, 2020

DM me here or in the HEX Telegram chat for a custom graph

Nov 26, 2020

German Video for HEX Starters

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